Hot Water Springs – Healing And More Hidden In The Wilderness

Hot water springs are a celebrated phenomenon of nature all over the world. They are a reason for travelling for many people as well; meaning, they travel for the sole purpose of experiencing the medicinal properties of a natural hot water spring.

Many of those therapeutic effects of the naturally occurring hot water springs are the following:

Reduction of stress

Reliving stress has become an actual problem nowadays and not everyone wants to turn to painkillers for such things. The minerals induce an emotional healing process as the warmth of the water seeps into your body and you stiff muscles begin to relax. Due to the muscles relaxing, your sleeping patterns would improve as well. The body warms up and cools down rapidly when you step out of your bath.

The cooling process helps you fall into deep sleep as well.

Alleviates soreness

The minerals and chemicals of the springs also have properties that heal muscle soreness, pain, stiff joints and such. If you have chronic muscle pain, arthritis or even fibromyalgia, then soaking in a pool of hot spring water can effectively relieve you of the pain.

Cleanses skin

Soaking and bathing in natural hot water springs can be extremely beneficial to your skin. It smooths out dry and cracked skin as well as heal uncomfortable eczema and psoriasis symptoms.


Hot water springs have been a luxury for most people as they have become tourist attractions in most countries.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed enough to have an abundance of attractions and Jazan is blessed to have naturally occurring hot water springs on its land.

Al Khoubah is one of those hot springs and it is an absolute must-see attraction of the area. Bathe in the warm water to reap the benefits from all the natural minerals that the waters hold within. The temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius and there are well over 10 different types of chemicals at work.

A little further away is the Bani Malik hot spring, which is an incredibly popular spring and has separate facilities for men and women as well.

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