5 Reasons To Choose Furnished Properties Over Hotels

Gurfati specialises in bringing you the best and most luxurious furnished properties available in the beautiful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can book furnished apartments in advance or instantly, on-the-go. Most common questions range from “why is it better to book furnished apartments over hotels in Saudi Arabia” to “why should we book furnished apartments instead of hotel rooms”.

Following are the top five reasons why you should book furnished properties instead of hotel rooms to better your trips.

They’re Perfect For Families

If you’re a group of people travelling together, you have to book a few rooms at a hotel or an expensive three bedroom suite which would cost everyone more. However, if you book a furnished apartment over a hotel, it’ll be like living at a well-furnished home. You can choose from having a studio apartment in a condo with various bedrooms and other facilities as well.

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Locations Matter (of course)

Hotels are mostly around touristy places and expensive malls, whereas apartment buildings put you in the heart of the region you’re travelling to. If you book a hotel, then you’re confined to places which everyone knows about, however, if you rent an apartment then you can truly experience the authentic lifestyle of a country.

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Full of Facilities & Cost Effective

Expecting hotels to have Jacuzzis, hot tubs, kitchenettes, flat screen TVs and a variety of other services would mean that you have to spend a lot, but such amenities are fairly common at furnished properties through Gurfati.com.

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You Can Host Guests

Apartments mostly have kitchens or at the very least, lovely little kitchenettes, so you can easily cook at you furnished apartment just like you would do at your own home. Invite guests over for dinner or maybe even host a family get-together.

And After All, Home Is Always Better Than A Hotel!

When you book a furnished properties over hotel rooms, you’re renting a home for yourself and your family. Most hotels are not child-friendly, but apartments usually have play areas in the building or at times in the apartment itself too.

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Furnished Apartments Over Hotels

Book Furnished Properties Over Hotels

Gurfati is an online platform that enables Saudi Arabian travellers to book furnished apartments in advance as well as instantly, on-the-go. Gurfati also offers internet services along with exclusive parking spaces to their guests. Properties also have gymnasiums and swimming pools, along with play areas for children.

Visit Gurfati.com and book a furnished apartment according to your needs, requirements and wants. With a select diverse range of furnished condos, villas and apartments, you can find the one suits you best, book furnished apartments through Gurfati and have the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at your fingertips!

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