Little Known Tourism Spots For Families in Al Khobar!

In the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, lies a gem of a city. Exotic beaches, zoos and recreational activities for people of all ages, Al Khobar is haven for all those who come there.

It’s part of the municipality of Greater Dammam, which consists of two other cities, Dammam itself, and Dhahran; all of these cities are barely 20 kilometres away from each other, and easy to travel to, regardless of where you decide to stay. It all depends on your comfort as to where you choose to book your luxurious furnished apartment through

Al Khobar has highways which would link you to Dammam’s airport, take you to the heart of Dammam and even give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Island of Bahrain.

Al khobar

This coastal city is sunny through most of the year, with slight dips from December till February; but throughout the year, the shores of Khobar are something that is beautiful and picture perfect.

Mosques in Al khober

Plan a picnic at Corniche as it’s an impeccable place to enjoy with the entire family. It’s a gorgeous site with playgrounds present nearby for children, and seating is also present so parents can sit comfortably while keeping an eye on their little ones as they have a wonderful cup of tea as it’s sold at many places and is prepared on hot charcoal. The Corniche also has plenty of small places which sell snack for the visitors.

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You’ll find a lot of nationals and tourists, jogging along the shore to breathe into the breezy weather and taking in the breathtaking view of the Gulf.

Keeping on the shore, almost 20 minutes outside of Khobar is the Half Moon Bay. It’s a magnificent beach, where families can enjoy a variety of water sports, along with scuba diving. You can also swim or fish, and picnic in the areas which are made specifically for such activities.

Al khobar beaches

On the other side of the Half Moon Beach, you can rent buggies to ride on the sand dunes. The buggies come in various sizes, so no one in the family is left without this amazing experience.

Desert adventures in Al khober

For the children, Castle Park is an exquisite place. It’s an amusement park, and it’s also a zoo. However, it’s not just an ordinary zoo. Here, children can play with and pet a variety of animals, such as peacocks, rabbits, monkeys and many others. Every caged animal has a sign which shows what the animal eats, where it came from and all its basic information. Little ones can also choose which animal they want to play with and feed. This section also has stalls for snacks and such for the parents while they wait for their children as they have fun.

Amusement in Al Khober

Al Khobar has a lot of attractions for not just adults but for children as well, so visit and find a furnished apartment that suits your needs as we provide child-friendly neighbourhoods and homes too. You can plan effortlessly and travel efficiently through Gurfati!

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