Celebrate the National Day of Sultanate of Oman on 18th of November

The Sultanate of Oman is a well-known country due to its rich history, beautiful sights and stable environment.

Each year, on the 18th of November, Omanis celebrate their National Day. The day is followed by Sultan Qaboo Bin Sayed’s birthday, which falls on the 19th of November. Due to these two important dates being in the month of November, the people of Oman celebrate the entire month.

For Omanis, the National Day is a time to express one’s patriotism and reflect on their historical achievements; to be proud of their heritage and legacy.


Oman became an independent state in the year of 749 after the tribes of Oman united, and nominated a Muslim leader. The country had remained an isolated Islamic state until European powers entered the Middle East.

In the early years of the 16th century, Portuguese imperialists attacked Oman in an effort to enlarge their monetary empire. A conflict broke out between the two, but the Omani forces were quickly defeated by Portugal’s superior naval and ground forces.

However, in the year 1646, the British East India Company was granted exemptions from many Omani laws. With the support of the British Empire, the Omani military launched an offensive campaign against Portuguese forces in Oman’s coastal regions. By the year 1650, the Portuguese forces were defeated, and Oman regained its independence.

The National Day of Oman is celebrated by lights, decorations and fireworks. People raise their flags and decorate their homes with fairy lights. Many vehicles are professionally are also decorated it. Vendors decorate them with the flag and the Sultan’s photos.


Everyone firmly believes in celebration this day as it brings them pride. The décor and lights are just a way to show how happy the people are with their country. From schools to offices, homes and shops, everyone and everything is draped in the colours of Oman, red, green, and white.


The official celebration of the National Day will be observed at the City Centre Qurum. The celebration will include a 16-troupe folklore ensemble will display the wealth and diversity of Omani heritage with performances every day from 4 until 10pm.

Dressed in attractive traditional dress, dancers will use various percussion instruments and spread musical harmony from the different regions in Oman. They will perform the Tamboura, Abou Zalaf, Al Manyour, Al Hattabat, Al Mzmar, Al Bar’aa and Al Maghayed, which will include singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Gurfati sends our wishes and prayers to Oman for their celebrations. May they always be independent.



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