Traditional & Mouthwatering Cuisines of Tabuk Region

The region of Tabuk is a popular destination for its marine tourism as it has many beaches and coasts. It also has an amazing desert with unique locations and cultural heritage landmarks which provide a mixture of adventure and leisure to the visitor. Historical monuments indicate to Tabuk being home to many Nations, such as the Aramean and Nabataeans. Human presence in the northern part of the Kingdom has been around for centuries as it’s been shown by evidenced in Tyma’s archaeological remains associated with Mesopotamia. Such rich history of Tabuk brings forth a rich cuisine as well. The traditional dishes and cuisines of Tabuk region vary depending on the different cultural environments. The cities have cuisines different from its villages and there are some cuisines which are specific to the coastal cities of Tabuk.

Al-Sileeq is one of the cuisines of Tabuk in the coastal cities. It is prepared by boiling the meat and taking out the meat when it is done so that the rice can be cooked in the broth without any other additions, except for the ghee until the rice is almost done. Some families may add some milk or cream to the rice. This dish is mostly made during special occasions.

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Al-Marqouq also a delicious addition in the cuisines of Tabuk and is comprised of brown flour, water, ghee, and yoghurt or milk. It is made by kneading the flour and dividing the dough into thin discs. The discs are placed one after the other in a pot of boiling water. They are stirred with a stick and leftover heat until they are done. It is served in plates adding some local ghee and yoghurt or milk on the top.

Matazeez is very much like Al-Marqouq. It is one of the most popular traditional cuisines in several provinces, but mainly in Tabuk. It is made by cutting the brown dough into small circular pieces, but thicker than what is used in Al-Marqouq. The dough pieces are flattened and put in a pot containing Al-Kushnah, which consists of boiling water, meat pieces, and vegetables. Leaving the pot over heat until the dish is done.

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Al-Mallah is made of brown flour. A large amount of flour is moulded and shaped into a cylindrical form similar to a car tire. The dough is then buried in a red-hot charcoal pit. It may even be put in a clean wet canvas bag and buried in the ash. After about one hour, the bread is cooked thoroughly when it gets brown. The bread is served with ghee, honey, local cheese, and dates, and enjoyed as a snack.

Al-Mandi is one of the oldest dish among all cuisines of Tabuk region and is even referred to as “Al-Haneeth” in other provinces. It is made by putting a whole lamb, either with or without rice in a glowing red-hot hole. The hole is covered to prevent steam from going out. After two hours, Al-Mandi is ready to be served. Often, it dish is prepared during hunting season so the meat is extremely fresh.

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Al-Sayyadiah is one of the most famous dishes in the coastal cities of Tabuk and it consists of fish along with rice. It is prepared by cutting onions sautéing it in a large amount of oil until the onions become dark brown. The fish is sautéed in the same oil; hot water, spices, and rice are added, which will gain the brown colour. It’s left to be cooked. Often, Al-Sayyadiah is served with other dishes like fish kebabs.

Cuisines of Tabuk

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Hospitality is an important part of Saudi culture and declining it is seen as an insult. Eat the the above-mentioned cuisines of Tabuk with the right hand because the left is considered unclean and impure.

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