Cultural Sites, Beaches & Tourist Spots in Dammam

The corniche at Dammam is a popular attraction in the region, fascinating visitors not only from the Eastern Province and adjoining areas but also from neighbouring Gulf countries and at times, even tourists from far away countries.

Dammam Corniche

There are many facilities along the Corniche which offer a variety of activities which are fun and exciting for all ages. Those who visit Dammam’s Corniche, which is located on the Arabian Gulf, enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens and picturesque walkways.

Dammam Corniche

King Abdullah Park, which is one of the major projects on the Corniche, is a favorite place for almost everyone, and is fortified with all essential services, such as free Wi-Fi service, toilets, landscaping, children’s games, a glorious view of the Arabian Gulf, pathways, rest areas for families, a number of eateries and cafes, an open area for conducting shows and events, along with specially allocated areas for fishing.

King Abdullah Park Dammam

An additional attraction is the Al-Marjan Island, which is a man-made island with a bridge connecting it to the Corniche. Extending into the Arabian Gulf, the island includes pavements, bicycle lanes, parking lots, rest areas, umbrellas, a cafeteria for drinks and snacks in addition to a tourist boat for cruises, and a floating cafe over the water.

Al-Marjan Island

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Other projects in Dammam include the King Abdullah Cultural Center, which is the largest project of its kind in the region. The centre consists of a massive theatre, an enormous museum, a library, three exhibition halls, hotels, a commercial complex, and a park.

King Abdullah Cultural Center

On an artificial island, the cultural centre is established in front of King Abdullah Park on the Dammam’s Corniche.The authorities have spared no efforts to develop the Corniche and make it an attractive site for all tourists and visitors.

The authorities have spared no efforts to develop the Corniche and make it an attractive site for all tourists and visitors.

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Beautiful Dammam at night

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