Eid Ul Fitr Traditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

After the month of fasting is over, Muslims celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr, which this year 2017 will be 12 days long holiday during which most government offices will be closed.

Eid Ul-Fitr is a festival that is celebrated with immense splendour in Saudi Arabia. Traditionally, Saudis will beautify their houses and begin to arrange and prepare lavish meals for friends and family on the actual day of the celebration. The entire country gets occupied in untainted celebrations during Eid. The countless Saudi Arabia events & festivals include the Eid Ul Adha and Eid Ul Fitr festivals.

Eid Ul Fitr celebrations in Saudi Arabia may fluctuate culturally because the festivities mostly depend on the province, but one universal thread in every celebration is that the hospitable traditions and generosity of the Saudi citizens become quite noticeable during this festival.

Firstly, it is a general Saudi Arabian custom for families to collect at the house of the eldest male in the family after the morning Eid Ul Fitr prayers. Prior to the special food, which is prepared just for this occasion, is served, little children will present themselves in front of the adult members of the family who give away Riyals, which is the Saudi currency, to the kids.

Members of Family will also usually have an occasion where they may give out gift packages to the children. These packages are often marvellously decorated and are full of toys, candies, and such.


Even numerous shopkeepers display their generosity at Eid Ul Fitr giving presents with every purchase under a certain amount. For instance, during this festival, numerous of the chocolate shops and outlets will give every customer who buys a range of candies a complimentary crystal candy plate with their purchase.

In the spirit of Eid Ul-Fitr and the ending of the holy month of the Ramadan, several Saudi citizens go to great lengths to showcase their generosity and kindness. It is ordinary for even absolute strangers to address one another extensively, even by occupants of a motor vehicle waiting at signals.


Sometimes even gifts and toys are given to children by absolute strangers.

It is also customary in some regions for Saudi gentleman to go and purchase huge quantities of rice and other kinds of stuff and then anonymously leave them at the gate of the less-fortunate. Additionally, in some regions of central of Saudi Arabia, for example, Al Qassim, is a frequent tradition that at the Eid’s morning and subsequent to the Eid prayer natives will put huge rugs on one of the streets of their locality and every household will organize a large serving of food where all neighbors will share various cuisines. It’s also a general practice that citizens will exchange places to endeavour more than one type of meal.


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