Everything You Wanted to Know About Fakieh Aquarium

Jeddah is a breathtakingly beautiful city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This city is known as the bride of the Red Sea. It has plenty of attractions but if you’re travelling with children then this place should be at the top of your list. The Fakieh Aquarium which is opposite of the Corniche road in Jeddah is the first ever aquarium which is open to the public and not only offers entertainment but information by presenting the marvels of the underwater environment of the Red Sea and wonders brought from other seas and oceans around the world.

The project is first of its kind, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also on the shores of the Red Sea. Fakieh aquarium replicates the natural oceanic environment of the Red Sea, and with the marine sounds which echo through the corridors, it makes the visitor feel that they’re descending into the sea.

Environment of the Red Sea

It has more than 7000 nautical creatures which represent over 200 varieties of marine animals, which include Sharks, Groupies, String Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Sea Horses, and Murrays.

Marine animals in jeddah

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This aquarium is categorised by its individual themed areas which come together to provide the visitor with a complete experience of the marine.

Along the shore of the Red Sea are Mangrove Trees which are vital to the aquatic ecosystem as they are a refuge, hatcheries and nurseries for many of the creatures of the sea.

The Red Sea has clear water, steady temperatures and little pollution, which has resulted in beautifully preserved Corals and an abundance of marine life.

Preserved corals in jeddah

The interactive area was built to excite young ones to learn more about the oceanic animals; while helping them truly see and interact with the sheer beauty the lies just below the waves.

The Sea Jewel hall displays the rarest beasts from down below. Barely ever seen in the wild, but Fakieh Aquarium puts them in almost touching distance while providing an atmosphere which is as natural as possible.

The Sea Tunnel in Fakieh Aquarium makes a visitor feel as if they’re on a diving trip to the ground of the Red Sea, to explore the wonders of marine life, first hand.

Fakieh aquarium tunnel

The Shark Basin takes away the fear of the fabled killer and gives you the opportunity to dive with and touch these beasts in a safe and secure ambience.

Families can enjoy the amazing Dolphin and Seal Lion show every day in the Dolphin Theater and the Sea Lion Basin, and soon enough, they will also come across the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins.

The purpose of Fakieh Aquarium is to continue escalating the sea world life with the introduction of the unique Sea Dragon very soon as well.

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