The First Ever Antiques Forum In The National Museum of Riyadh

The first ever Antiques Forum will be launched on 7th of November, 2017 at the National Museum in the city of Riyadh. It has been organized by the National Authority for Tourism and National Heritage with the support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

A number of private museums will participate in the event. The exhibition will include a photographic exhibition about the national heritage sites in the Holy City and folklore representing the regions of the Kingdom along with two specialized lectures on archeology and architectural heritage in Makkah, and the expansion of the urban heritage of the Grand Mosque, along with other important tourist and archaeological sites in the holy capital.

national museum

Almost every region will be represented in various fashions at the Antiques Forum. The region of Jazan will be shown through a photographic exhibition along with symposiums and lectures on the effects and the importance of preservation.

The Tabouk region will also host a symposium on antiquities, an accompanying exhibition of photographs and paintings specializing in relics, a bus ride to the proposed tourist route to the province of Taima for those interested in archaeology.

tabouk region

Al Ahsa is participating in a workshop on archaeology with an accompanying exhibition and a direct presentation by craftsmen, a lecture entitled “The traces of Yabreen”, which will review the results of the excavations in of the site mentioned and a photographic exhibition of some of the artefacts discovered in the region.

In the Asir region, two exhibitions will be held, the first one will be of the national heritage in the region, and the second would be for the artefacts restored by the region.

asir region

All the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be collected and displayed at the National Museum of Riyadh. All the pictures above indicate the regions locations and their history in relation to that.

Al-Jouf Region will organize tours of the most important tourist and archaeological sites in the region, and a lecture about the effects and number of archaeological research on the region.

The forum is the first of its kind in the Kingdom. It will also be one of the largest specialized forums in this field in the world. It will also host a number of scientific sessions and panel discussions with the participation of archaeologists and specialists from all over the Kingdom and from a variety of countries from the world.

The antiques forum aims at introducing the efforts made by all officials in to take care of the Kingdom’s relics throughout history, to raise awareness and to enhance the national feeling among the citizens and to educate the young people about the history of the country.

antiques forum

Visit the wonderful city of Riyadh and experience the Antiques Forum for yourself. Understand the rich history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all under the singular roof of the National Museum Riyadh is full of spectacles which you should witness for yourself as well.

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