5 Remarkable & Incredible Furnished Apartments in Abha

Abha is a gorgeous place in the state of Aseer; its green mountains, stretching plains, and colourful buildings pay tribute to its heritage. All these things make this city a delightful and scenic destination. The villages in Abha is the place where some of the most famous ancient creative inscriptions can be found with ease. It is the site of the famed Alma palace, which is more than 400 years old and was converted into a museum so the heritage of the ancient village could be preserved. In the past, people used to live in these mud houses when there was no concept of furnished apartments in Abha.

Abha stone houses

Visit Gurfati.com and find furnished apartments in Abha that suit your needs as we provide family-friendly neighbourhoods and homes too. Following are the best 5 furnished apartments that you can book your stay at and enjoy the scenic and historical beauty of the city of Abha.

Boudl Abha is a Four Star residential apartment building. It’s located in Al Hizam Al Daeri district and is a pleasant place to stay at; with massive siting areas in the apartments with flat-screen TVs that have satellite channels for your enjoyment and spacious conference rooms for business meetings.

This furnished apartment has fully equipped kitchens, which include basic and luxury appliances. All apartments are air conditioned and all guests are provided with internet facilities along with exclusive parking spaces.

Furnished apartments in Abha

Nuzul Khayal For Furnished Residential Units is situated in Al Mansak district of Abha. It’s a beautiful furnished apartment that provides an array of facilities to its guests such as daily housekeeping and delivery services. This complex is wheelchair accessible and has a snack bar which you can enjoy. Some apartments have private sitting areas as well.

It has three types of bookable apartments, Studio apartment, single bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Each unit has private bathrooms which are equipped with all basic appliances required, and has a washing machine for your ease. All guests are provided with free internet services and exclusive parking spaces.

Furnished apartment KSA

Boyotat Al Aaj Hotel is found in Al Hizam Al Daeri district in the city of Abha. This wonderful complex offers a range of facilities to all its guests, such as daily laundry, housekeeping and ironing, and also has a café where you can enjoy hot and cold beverages.

Each apartment has spacious rooms and flat screen TVs along with satellite channels for your enjoyment. Private bathrooms and kitchens, which are equipped with all basic appliances that you would require, along with a washing machine for your ease. All guests are provided exclusive parking spaces as well.

Furnished apartment in Abha, Aseer

Abha Hotel is located in the Al Tabjiah neighborhood, and is a spacious furnished apartment complex. Among many services, this complex provides daily housekeeping, laundry and ironing service, and you can also enjoy breakfast through an open buffet.

Each apartment has a private sitting area and flat screen TVs with satellite channels. All bathrooms and kitchens are fully equipped with basic and luxury appliances, all according to your needs. All guests are provided with free internet services and exclusive parking spaces.

Furnished apartment Abha city

Abha Al Qusour Housing Units 10 is located in the Basra district and provides facilities such as daily washing and cleaning, along with a variety of drinks from their hotel snack bar.

Rooms are nothing short of luxurious as they all have sitting areas with flat screen TVs and an array of satellite channels for your enjoyment. All units are air conditioned; bathrooms are well equipped with basic and luxury appliances according to your needs. All guests are provided with free internet services and exclusive parking spaces.

Furnished apartment in abha, KSA

Through Gurfati, you can easily locate furnished apartments in Abha or the area of your tourist choice.

Find something near one of the well-known markets in Abha near Al-Fnaneen village. Tuesday is the most important day of the market when sellers and clients arrive from other cities.

Book through Gurfati.com and find gorgeous, deluxe and family friendly villas, condos and apartments. The properties offered by Gurfati gets together all your requests, needs and requirements, putting them in a single place and providing you with the best, furnished apartments in Abha.

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