How To Go Trekking On The Sarawat Range During Winter – A Guide

One doesn’t think of “winter” or even “snow” when they think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trekking is a dangerous thing if you’re not prepared properly or aren’t experienced enough, however, if you’re well prepared then not being as experienced isn’t that important but it will always be advised to bring along a friend who has done the trail before.

First is your decision of where you’ll be going to trek. Whether it’s climbing the Sarawat Range or camping in the Empty Quarter, your choice on the matter makes a vast difference.

sarawat range

Sarawat Ranges tend to get snowy tops in peak winter, whereas, the Empty Quarter can be very hot during the day and extremely cold by nightfall, making it difficult to manoeuvre.

The fact that you’re deciding to go trekking would point towards your health is in good condition, but if this is your first time, remember to exercise a lot beforehand and get into a routine. This will help you walk longer and not get tired easily if you’re already used to the exhaustion.

If you decide to trek through the Range then following things are what you need to keep in mind.

First of all, your clothes. “Dress like an onion,” is an expression that you’ll come across many times when you look up winter trekking. It is vital in colder weather as the temperature at the bottom of the mountain is much different as the top, getting colder as you move up. Having a variety of insulating outfits will help you control your body temperature and help you stay comfortable.


Keep clothes such as waterproof pants, an insulated jacket, waterproof shell jacket, wear thick winter socks and two layers of gloves because the cold seeps in from your fingertips and toes. Waterproof clothes are important for just in case if your encounter foul weather. Or if you’re avoiding packing too much, do a thorough research on the forecast before you set off.

Secondly, start bright and early so that most of your trekking is done during the sunlight. Be sure to pack sunglasses so that you don’t go snow-blind from the UV rays that reflect the snow and ice.

trekking glasses

Keep an actual map with yourself because, in the day and age where we rely so much on modern technology, we don’t keep actual maps when we go out. We don’t know if the cellphone signals will work that high up or get blocked, therefore, it’s important to not rely completely on technology.

Have a hearty breakfast before starting. It is very important for the rest of your day because the energy that you gather in the morning has to last you a long while. While trekking, keep well hydrated. Make tea or cocoa and keep thermoses of those on you, to keep in the warmth.

For eating during the trek, keep snacks such as chocolates, energy bars, dried fruits and even gummy bears! It is vital that you keep foods which have high carbs and lots of energy in them.


Remember to keep all your trash with yourself and dispose of it when you get back down.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of leaving a trail incomplete and turning around. Going to the top is optional, however, coming back down is mandatory. So if at any point in time, you feel as if you will not be able to come back down by your estimated time, then turn around and go to the base, try again another day.

After you come down, a good dinner is imperative. Have some comfort food when you come down or go home and order in.

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