Interesting Things You Never Knew About Abha

Abha is well-known for its cool climate and enormous mountains. It is rich with natural scenery and a cool climate in summer. It includes a large number of monuments and palaces, such as Shada Palace and the Rejal Alma, as well as old traditional markets like Tuesday Market, where you can buy exquisite antiquities and novelties.

Abha’s green mountains, stretching plains and colourful buildings which pay tribute to its heritage are all the things which make this city a delightful and scenic destination.

The villages in Abha is the place where some of the most famous ancient creative inscriptions can be found with ease. It is the site of the famed Alma palace, which is more than 400 years old and was converted into a museum so the heritage of the ancient village could be preserved.

It is the most fascinating and most famous heritage village and features unique examples of stone palaces, some eight floors high.

Abha heritage village

You can also enjoy a cable car tour and enjoy tasty dishes and amazing scenic views from the local restaurants and so much more if you book furnished apartments through and breathe in the beauty of the scenic city.

The telpherage is located at a tourist resort, which transports 2,000 people every day especially during summer vacation and even more so in the cool evening hours.

Abha cable car

The Imagination Park in Abha is located on the Ring Belt Ocean in the city. The park on this site is dedicated to mountain climbing throughout the year and has a natural museum of animals and plants, which has been organised beautifully to attract large numbers of visitors in addition to a huge amount of games that are earmarked for children.

Abha imagination park

This site is breathtaking due to its gorgeous greenery and stunning views, it’s a popular picnic spot for the whole family. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park and breathe in the air which is forever fresh due to all the greens.

One of the major attractions of the city of Abha is its old mud and stone houses that were built in vertical rows. These mud houses, are suitable for countries like Saudi Arabia as it keeps the house interiors cool in the daytime, despite the hot weather outside.

Abha stone houses

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