The Islands Of Saudi Arabia – Farasan Islands And Passport Island

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies in a stunning location which gives it access to the beautiful coast of the Red Sea on one side and the spectacular Persian Gulf on the other.

The Red Sea itself it full of wonders and treasures, which can’t be accounted for all at once. From shipwrecks in the deep sea to an array of creatures that live in the water, the Red Sea is surely a place one must visit at least once in their lifetime.


The most well-known island in the Red Sea off the coast of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Farasan Islands. They’re about 50 km from Jazan. They’re a group of islands or rather known as the Farasan Archipelago. The largest one is also known as Farasan and others include Sajid Island, Soso Island and Zufaf Island.

The temperatures are mostly hot throughout the year with a little dip between November and March. You can travel between to the Islands from Jazan by ferry or small boats. The largest Island in this cluster is big enough to host a fully equipped hospital as well.


The “Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary” is a protected area and used to be home to the extinct Arabian gazelle. In winter, migratory birds from Europe as take up residence at this sanctuary.

Oceanic animals include manta rays, whale sharks, several species sea turtles as well as endangered and critically endangered hawksbill, dugongs, and several species of dolphins and whales with occasional visits by others such as orcas.

These Islands used to serve an important role in history too as in the 1st Century CE, the islands were known as Portus Ferresanus. A Latin inscription dating from 144 CE has been found on the island which attests to the assembly of a Roman garrison.


On the Persian Gulf, we have the King Fahd Passport Island, which is also just known as Passport Island. It’s between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, off the coast of Al Khobar.

This island is a manmade island and located at the King Fahd Causeway on the way to the Kingdom of Bahrain. This little island has a border station, mosques, coast guard towers, and restaurants, which are on towers higher than 200 feet!

The seas on either side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are filled with wonderful places above the water and incredible sights under the waves as well.

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