Jeddah – History, Attractions and Tourist spots

The Arabian Peninsula hosts one of the oldest civilizations which still exists today in vast parts of Jeddah. Human habitation dates back to almost 125,000 years, hence, a territory with so much history is bound to have a rich variation of museums.

Today, the royal Al-Saud dynasty has created an ultra-modern country with Internet infrastructures, luxury cars, exceptional hotels, and an innumerable of cuisine options.

Jeddah beautiful coastline

But you can catch a glimpse of the rich past in the beautiful city of Jeddah by visiting the Jeddah Regional Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography which is housed inside the former Khuzam Palace toward the south of the city.

It showcases beautiful exhibits that take you back to the stone-age. The Khuzam Palace was built in 1923CE but was converted to a museum and inaugurated in 1995CE.

History of Jeddah

This particular museum highlights history from the Acheulean period of the stone-age and walks you through time, touching upon the Pre-Islamic age, the Rise of Islam, to the Unification of the Kingdom, and finally ending on Jeddah’s development through all those ages.

With seven rooms that take you on a whirlwind tour through a history so vast, it’s a must see for everyone.

Beginning from the entrance hall, it contains the Quranic verses which describe the relationship of religion and archeological studies. It displays the major expansion of the Two Holy Mosques in the era of the Custodian of the mosques. In addition to that, there are traditional illustrations which indicate the importance of marine resources for the people of the coastal city of Jeddah.

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Hall of Pre-Islamic Era begins from the stone-age. It exhibits stone tools, pottery pieces and painting from rock inscriptions from the Acheulean period, which is when humanity had first discovered to use rocks in various shapes as tools and weapons.

شقق مفروشة في جدة

This hall also holds writings and texts, along with pictures that explore the story of the Pre-Islamic period.

The Islamic Hall takes you to the migration to Madina, highlighting the age of the Caliphate and then offering a range of different archaeological pieces throughout the board which include texts, images, and maps of the era.

History and attractions of jeddah

Hall of Unification of the Kingdom brings you forward into the modern times. Displaying paintings of the time when it became the Saudi State and showing films which contain the selection of the traditional aspects of the KSA.

The halls of King Abdul Aziz and King Saud University show the belongings of the late King, and a collection of photographs, along with documentation about his life.

king of saudi arabia

And lastly, the Jeddah Camber exhibits the city of Jeddah, and its development through pictures and old maps of the city from bygone eras.

شقق مفروشة في جدة

At various times, there are also film shows on the antiquities, with the heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

History buffs will marvel at the centuries of the past which Jeddah holds. It dates back to the fourth century BC, and fragments from Jeddah’s previous eras reveal traces from former dynasties like Umayyad, Abbasids, Ayyubids, Mamluks, and Ottomans.

Along with the history that Jeddah holds, it’s a beautiful coastal city which is full of other attractions, which range from zoos and amusement parks for children, an array of museums, and so much more.

attractions in jeddah

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