Local Souqs – Eastern Province And The Anticipation For Eid Ul Fitr

As the first ten days of the holy month of Ramadan have ended, people have begun to focus more on Eid Ul Fitr which is a celebration throughout the Muslim world that marks the end of Ramadan.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, hence, the celebration of Eid is much more extravagant than in other countries. Eastern Province of one the major tourist attraction of the country, hosting people of various nationalities, therefore it holds an important part in painting a beautiful picture of Islam and it’s religious practices.

The renovation and development of Dammam’s traditional women’s souqs haves been completed, according to an official from the Eastern Province Municipality.

Women are highly respected in the Saudi Culture, hence, making a market that is solely for women was the way to highlight that respect.

The project aims to fully restore and develop the city’s traditional women’s market, and sell women’s clothing and jewellery and in which only women are permitted to shop, transforming it into a tourist destination. The two-story indoor area will include shops and 165 traditional market stalls, as well gold workshops, jewellery showrooms, a goldsmith-training centre, restaurants and cafes. The building itself will incorporate elements from the Eastern Province’s unique architectural style, and will also house modern facilities such as a training centre and parking facilities.


The project includes 75 shops for various commercial activities, including cafeterias located in carefully selected places, to achieve successful integration with the market’s services and its trade activities, and at the centre of the project, a small park will be used to host special events and celebrations.

With Eid coming soon, this will be one of the souqs which will be utilised to full capacity by the women of Dammam as they shop for clothes, crockery and much more as the variety at this market will cater to families from all walks of life.

This souq was awarded with the Community and Culture Award at this year’s Cityscape Jeddah real estate event, held at the beginning of May, in recognition of the benefits it will bring to local residents.

Travel to the Eastern Province and discover the hidden gem of the Middle East which is tucked away in the wondrous Kingdom of Saudi Arabia right on the coast of the Persian Gulf and truly experience the beautiful culture that breathes through the streets of Dammam and Al Khobar during the month of Ramadan from the many souqs which are present.

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