The Many Seasons Of Saudi Arabia And The Anticipated Winter

It is true that no one really thinks about snowfall when they think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, however, you may be surprised to know that the Kingdom gets its fair share of winter with snowfall, hail and rain each year.

Cities from Riyadh to Tabuk, every place experiences a different sort of winter each year.

Rainfall is known to be low in the Kingdom, particularly in the central region. Normally, the change in season is led by either a rainstorm or even perhaps, a sandstorm. The dusty season typically rounds up to almost a month and a half to finish as sandstorms hit every other day during those days.

sandstorm ksa

In the southwestern coastal areas, the rain is very regular with a healthy level of humidity in the summers. However, there is little of it in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Riyadh and the northern parts of the Red Sea coast.

Even though heavy rains do occur at times in various parts of the Kingdom, because at the end of the day, it is a desert country, and people are not always prepared for the rain, it might at times cause short-lived floods.

The peak of the winter season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia falls during the months of December and January while peak summer hits during June and July, which is luckily during vacation time for students.


May to September, the temperature in the Kingdom is high but not in Taif and Aseer as its cooler there.

In the peak winter season, temperatures in the main cities, apart from Jeddah, however, it drops significantly during the day and can even hit zero during the night, particularly in the central region. During the winter season, the mountains are also be shrouded in fog with their tips being covered in snow.

During the winter season, the temperatures vary tremendously because, at the end of the day, the Kingdom is a desert. That is why the day and night temperatures are so vastly different.

There have been instances where the day temperature would be quite warm but at night, the atmosphere would drop to a zero.

Between February and May, along with the month of November, it is neither very cold nor too hot. During these months, the climate is very moderate and there’s very little difference between the days and nights.

Tabuk is the only place in Saudi Arabia where it actually snows during the winter season.

winter season

Turaif, which is on the northern side of the Kingdom holds the record for the coldest climate in the country. One of the coldest days that it had seen was negative 12 degrees, which was the lowest temperatures in the whole Peninsula.

Abha, which is sitting at the height of over a 2,200m, it is one of the highest populated cities in the country. It’s settled in the middle of the Sarawat mountain range. The city has some of the most pleasant climates to be found anywhere in the Kingdom. As opposed to popular belief, it is not the coldest place in the country.


Hail is also on a height over 900m and it had amazing weather throughout the year, mostly because of the elevation that it’s on. It’s also seen negative 10 degrees along with an occasional hailstorm, making the town very appropriately named.

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