The Marching Carnival In City Of Riyadh For Eid Ul Fitr Festivities

Eid Ul Fitr is a widely celebrated event throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh, it is also celebrated by various activities which include the whole community in the festivities. One such celebration is that of the Marching Carnival.

It was held last week during Eid ul Fitr at Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Street. It was attended by hundreds of people and an array of entertainments take place. The festivities begin at sundown and go on until midnight, which have fireworks and shows that play with lights as well.

marching carnival

This is a festival that has been held for quite some time in Riyadh every year on Eid Ul Fitr, and even this year, it has undoubtedly left everyone’s spirits awakened. This festival had consisted of children’s favourite cartoon and comic book characters.

They had marched forth in a captivating manner. With the spirit of carnival, and the essence of culture, kids and adults, that accompany the tiny ones, both were bound to fall in love with this festival, and so they did.

A plethora of shows such as military, folklore shows, light and sound events had also been held at the same carnival.

light show

The main attraction of this place had been in the goodies that were handed over to the little ones. After all, no child has ever hated those tangy candies and exciting toys!

Everyone was also able to indulge in the finest traditional delicacies lined up there while they watched the shows evolve.

Other shows consisted of bicycle rides and various other vehicles which were either in their classic conditions or had been modified for aesthetic purposes.


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