Markets, Dates, and More – In Riyadh and Jeddah

With the holy month of Ramadan going on right now, the Central Vegetable Market on Umm Al-Qura Street is witnessing a flood in business, especially with customers coming to pick up the wide varieties of dates that are offered there.

The markets in Jeddah are engulfed with varieties of fresh dates from Madinah and Qassim regions. “Sukkari” is the most search for variety, closely followed by another variety called “Rotana”. Both these varieties, which are from Qassim region, are favorites among the Saudis.

Other varieties in the market include “Helawa,” “Beid,” “Amber,” “Safwai” and “Sagafi.”

Most families prefer picking up 20 kg cartons of dates, there are some who go in for cartons weighing more than the standard 3 kg. There are traders who have large stocks of frozen dates, particularly “Sukkari,” but customers are more interested in the fresh lot of these dates.

The most interesting thing is that the expensive “Ajwa” from Madinah which is in demand throughout the year hardly has any buyers during Ramadan. Most shops have huge stocks of this variety but their display is not prominent because of customers’ preference for other varieties during the holy month.


“Sagafi,” “Helawa,” “Amber” and other varieties, which are sought after by expatriates. Traders believe that the prices would have dropped since we’re already through the first week of Ramadan.

The date market in Jeddah is dominated by Indian, Egyptian and Pakistani salesmen who work in two shifts in Ramadan. There are a number of Saudi youth too who are employed in the sector.

Saudi Arabia produces approximately one million tons of dates per year and it has more than 23 million palm trees.

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh lies with local marketplaces coming to life, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.


There is an old market in Riyadh a special atmosphere. It is in the heart of this market where you can search for history, and there’s a high that chance that you’ll find it. Artifacts which are rich in heritage and have unique properties of past generations are abound in this market. For this is one place in Saudi Arabia you can be sure to get the historical item you are seeking.

Al-Zall market is considered a favored destination for many tourists and residents, being one of the most important historical monuments, tourist and archaeological sites. The importance of this market, from a historical perspective, is because it is the main market for carpets, clothing for men and weapons, but the market’s core activity remains the same even in the present. The sale of antiques and artifacts, copperplate, clothes, pots, incense burners, ancient armor, guns and swords, along with various types of carpets and rugs, are still its primary goods.


The High Commission for the Development of Riyadh was very keen to ensure that Al-Zall Market was one of the Riyadh’s leading tourist landmarks that shows visitors the heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Though Saudi Arabia is thought of as a barren desert with nothing to do, you may be surprised as how much this beautiful country has to offer.

Riyadh and Jeddah are full of spectacles which you should witness for yourself as well.

Jeddah and Riyadh are the two cities where most people from all over the world travel to in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; whether for business or tourism, these cities have taken a little bit of everyone that has visited as they take home a little bit of the Arab culture with them.

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