Meribah’s Split Rock – A Place Where Religion Meets Wonder

The wondrous Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been synonymous with the Islam and its various miracles. One such is the Meribah’s Split Rock.

This place has been a spot where people come for excursions which are either of religious purposes or have a rather adventurous flare.

Meribah is also known as Kadesh-barnea, in the South-West of the Dead Sea at the top corner of the Sinai Peninsula, is a geological oddity: an enormous five-story high rock, with a thin split down the middle, which some believe to be the rock referenced in the Old Testament.

split rock

This intriguing site has been mentioned various religious texts and has been named as the site from which Prophet Moses had struck his staff, splitting a boulder into two, from which water had sprouted to help his people.

The split rock is located on the west side of Jebel el Lawz in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the name “Meribah” means “Strife”.

Saudi Arabia has exquisitely varied landscapes. It ranges from mountain peaks to enormous oasis, escarpments, gorgeous caves, stunning seas, deserts, canyons, plateaus and even breathtaking coastlines. Its unexplored deserts and caves provide trekking enthusiasts various chances at being the first to discover its hidden wonders, one of such the site that has been mentioned above, the Split Rock of Meribah.

split rock

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