A Mountaineer’s Handpicked Guide For Exploring the Abha City

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is situated on the Arabian Peninsula, and the country’s terrain comprises of barren desert and desolate landforms. Though different regions have entirely different climates, some don’t seem like they could be part of the desert country. The Sarawat Ranges near Abha city, which is located in the Aseer Region and holds in it one of the highest elevated plains in the country. All of the mountaintops which are higher than 2,500 meters are part of the Sarawat Mountains with the exception of one, which is part of the Madiyan Ranges.

Sarawat Range Abha

Other mountains in kingdom include Jabal Moushref, which has an elevation of 9,380, Jabal Khalaqah, which is 9,350 feet, and Jabal Nahran, which is 9,308 feet above sea level.

The Aseer Province, which is in the south-west is mountainous and is the site of Mount Sawda, which happens to be the country’s largest mountain.

Jabal Sawda has an elevation of 9,843 feet and holds the status of being the highest in the country. The mountain is located in the south-west province of Aseer. This mount is found near the Abha city.

This rocky region runs parallel to the western coast of the Peninsula and is largest in the region, along with that, its mountains are rocky, though some contain vegetation. The mountain ranges receive the highest amount of rainfall in the whole of KSA and the region receives light afternoon summer rains and late spring heavy rains.

Sarawat Ranges in the Aseer

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Jabal Ferwa has an elevation of 9,856 feet and is the second largest in the Kingdom. Along with Jabal Sawda, it is part of the Sarawat Ranges in the mountainous Aseer Region. The nearest city to Jabal Ferwa is Al-Harjah.

These rocky ranges have fertile soils especially on the slopes, due to which, different grains and plants have been embedded into the soil, including the evergreen juniper, cypress, wild olive, acacia, and lotus.

Abha city

The flora also attracts wild animals some of which are nearly extinct and some are common like the mountain goats, deer, baboons, and rabbits as well, which are rarely seen. Leopards and wolves can still be seen roaming around the landscape. The mountain ranges also support a wide variety of bird species like the Egyptian vultures, eagles, and Falcons.

Jabal Natfa has an elevation of 9,728 feet and is the third highest in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the west of Al Harajah.

Jabal Warrab has an elevation of 9,672 feet and is the fourth highest. In Arabic, Jabal Warrab means “Mount Rap.”

Jabal Al-Majaz has an elevation of 9,521 feet and is the fifth highest. Found near the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Jebal As-Seqaa has an elevation of 9,393 feet. It is the sixth highest in the kingdom. Along with the five highest peaks in this region, Jebal As-Seqaa is part of the Sarawat Ranges which are found in the highly mountainous province of Aseer Belkrb. The elevation is also found close to the Abha city.

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