5 Glorious & Traditional Museums in Riyadh

The Saudi Arabian culture holds it as customary to embody the symbolism of it through handicrafts and costumes, along with ethnic dishes. Traditional stories are also a key element in the enchanting tourism experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city of Riyadh is a modern metropolis and also a historical culture treasure-trove. Its features are diverse, which range from the shimmering golden sand dunes to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction styles, along with a variety of museums. This article provides a collection of five glorious Museums in Riyadh.

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History is a cultural aspect of museums in Riyadh in many ways, and a number of notable museums present in this region are witness to that. This will serve as a steppingstone and offers visitors an opportunity to interact with the present day Saudi Arabia.

Beginning with the National Museum; this museum is a tourist hotspot in Riyadh due to its glorious interior design and marvellous outer square.

Its structure merges both traditional Saudi style and modern design as per the latest international museums standards. It highlights the Arab world since its early historical ages to the modern time.

The museum houses eight galleries, some of which are equipped with audiovisual means as well. They showcase the history of Saudi Arabia, its unification, the kingdoms, Islamic history in Arabia, and human civilisation as a whole in these regions.

The galleries also hold a collection of sculptures, movable and immovable antiquities. No visit to Riyadh will ever be complete without a visit to this museum. It is definitely a must see in order to find out more about the Saudi history and the culture of Arabia.

National Museum Riyadh

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Next is the Antiquities Museum at the King Saud University, it highlights the cultural and historical dimension of the excavations conducted by the institute. It belongs to the College of Tourism and Antiquities at King Saud University.

The museum contains a range of antiques discovered through the Faw and Rabdha excavations that were carried out by the college. They also include inscriptions, writings, porcelain and pottery ware, various jewellery, coins, statues, frescos, and so much more.

Antiquities Museum Riyadh

Museum of Currencies is a specialised museum highlighting the forms of currencies used during a period of years, and it is managed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The museum contains a collection of rare currencies from the pre-Islamic period in addition to a group of Islamic currencies until the 21st century. It also offers sample currencies of some of the GCC states and other Arab countries.

Museum of Currencies

Masmak Museum walks you through the historical aspects of the palace during the conquest of Riyadh and the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This museum was established to create awareness and educate the community about the event.

It was built in 1895CE, it also has a mosque in its land, along with bureaucracy offices and wells. The Palace was converted into a museum and opened officially in 1995CE.

The exhibits of the museum display paintings, photographs and maps, narrating the chronicle of the valiant recovery of Riyadh and the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It furthermore holds the weapons which were used in that era, such as guns and swords. The gallery houses photos and paintings of modern development in KSA in its various regions and sectors.

The building also displays a good amount of documentaries about the conquest and the cultural development in the Kingdom.

Masmak Museum Riyadh

Yousef Abdul-Rahman Al-Mushaweh museum contains about 3,500 pieces of heritage expressing all the activities and needs of human in a society that used to be. It is located in a traditional and consists of a large showroom which holds most of the collectables, with two rooms inside it allocated for weapons and tools of war and women clothing and accessories.

The museum also includes four rooms, each room assigned for different activities, such as cooking and dining, agriculture and farming, lighting equipment and pottery and leather goods. There are two halls in the middle of the museum, which are also known as Misbah that contain a range of traditional pieces of heavy weight and large sizes, such as doors and stone tools.

Museums in Riyadh

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