Saudi Arabian National Day – Celebration of the Unification

The Saudi people are proud and extravagant when it comes to celebrating their national or religious events.

Only three events are given this much recognition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the other two are significant all over the world for all Muslims, however, the Saudi Arabian National Day is to celebrate the unification of the lands in the 18th century.

Saudi Arabian National day is celebrated annually on the 23rd September. Even though this country is known to be in the region that is the cradle of civilization but the Kingdom itself is one of the youngest established nations as it will rejoice the 87th day of Unification this year.

This year’s National Day will be much different than the ones before as it will be much larger in magnitude and more diverse as Saudi Arabia’s spirit of Nationalism will be joined in by 17 other countries and cities.


Communities look forward to this day as it strengthens the social linking between the people and the government along with sharing the joy of having a nation for oneself where they have the freedom to practice their religion while also having the most important sites of their religion.

The General Authority for Entertainment plans for this day for months in advance and provides the people with various recreational activities that draw the crowds to rejoice.

This day marks a huge spectacular festival that takes place in all corners of the country. Jeddah skies will be illuminated with impressive airshows by the air force with majestic ballistic activities. This wondrous will give the festivities an interesting flavour to commence the day and the continuing celebration as pyro techniques will also be included in this airshow.

national day

People gather at the Jeddah Corniche, directly opposite to the Red Sea Mall so they can get the best view of this occasion.

An outstanding show with fountains and fireworks happens all over the country, keeping the green colour in mind, as the Saudi flag is raised.

The youth of the country comes to the streets to enjoy the holiday by waving the green flags of the Kingdom; some even wear clothes that have the flag printed across their chest. Major urban streets are gridlocked as roads are filled with cars that play traditional music loudly to highlight the pride of their country.

National Day

Hundreds of cars gather at the corniche in the Eastern Province for the flag-waving parade as people cheer and applaud the enthusiasm of the whole event. The schools have also introduced the subject of “Watania,” which translates to “Patriotism,” so that children may learn about the history, significance and importance of their beloved country and it extraordinariness of its unification.

national day

This is one of the reasons why the National Day has become bigger each year.

The General Authority of Entertainment has organized an enormous musical festival in Al Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah as part of the Kingdom’s 87th National Day. Various artists from all over the Kingdom will perform for this special occasion along with artists from Emirates and Kuwait as well.

A variety of interesting things take place all over the country apart from water and fireworks along with optical fountains. Treats are also prepared for this day.

national day

The exuberance of the National Day increases each year and it can be experienced from all corners of the country especially when the skies are lit up with intense fireworks with shades of green to commemorate the colours of the nation.

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