The Best Place To Celebrate Saudi Culture in Riyadh

Riyadh is the heart of the gorgeous Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as its capital. The lights of the night are almost breathtaking, especially with the Kingdom Centre standing tall and bright for everyone to see.

The liveliest festival which happens every year between the months of February to March and goes on for at least two weeks. On the outskirts of the city, this festival takes places and comes together to display a dynamic image of the history in Saudi Arabia, with having a military air show and celebrating the spirit of Arabia.

Festival celebrations

This fiesta started in 1985 and was sponsored by the Saudi National Guard.

The carnival features a variation of activities, sports which include camel racing and dancing, which is almost unheard of in the Kingdom.

Camel rides in Riyadh

The festival opens with the opening ceremony master, and then varied events are held throughout the fortnight.

This celebration is a showcase for government institutions and services, which include both national and international. It is also a chance to see the Saudi people get away from their daily lives and enjoy the culture.

Festival stalls

Each state of the kingdom is symbolised with its own marquee. It usually is a recreation of the local architecture.

Visitors stroll through the tents looking at native arts and crafts and representatives are always eager to talk about the history and wonders of their particular region.

Riyadh festival

Food is abundant as one can eat his or her way across the diverse cuisines of the Arabian Peninsula or grab a quick shawarma from a stand. No visit can be complete without taking part in a tea service featuring Saudi cardamom coffee along with a sweet hot mint tea, and dates.

On spectacle are pavilions hosted by various Saudi government agencies, most notably the military.

Military in festival

There is usually a pavilion hosted by a foreign government, focusing on relations with the Saudi kingdom and investments made there each year as well.

Janadriyah isn’t all local colour and government showcases. Like any carnival, it has its knickknacks, trinkets and lighted toys, which are demanded by children.

Visiting this beautiful festival which is so full of colour, life and an embodiment of the Saudi Culture should be everyone’s list.

Saudi culture celebration Riyadh

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Riyadh is a beautiful city which is full of other attractions, which range from zoos to amusement parks for children and hold an array of museums with so much more.

Attractions in Riyadh

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