The Traveler’s Guide to Shipwrecks in Jeddah

As is it well known that Jeddah is a coastal city with breathtaking sites on land as well as shipwrecks on the sea surface. The Red Sea is a popular diving destination as well; partly due to its consistent and evenly circulated temperature between the surface and at various depths. This is the reason that the shipwrecks in this region are so beautifully preserved.

The Red Sea, especially near Jeddah, is not only rich with gorgeous marine life but also history and has an abundance of mysteries, Jeddah’s Red Sea is littered with shipwrecks, some of which are within a diving distance. Due to shallow waters, along with severe weather conditions and technical failures, a number of ships have sunk along the coast of Jeddah and have become stunning diving sites.

Arab shipwrecks

These wrecks have been lying untouched for decades attracting marine life from all over the Red Sea and giving a new life to these bulky giants.

If diving is your recreational activity and you want to try something other than fishing or diving among the coral reefs, you may want to try shipwreck diving.

They are not only beautiful to look at, but these shipwrecks are still risky, so buoyancy control is critical to circumvent damaging the decaying wreck and yourself.

There are numerous of these wrecks in Jeddah and you are actually spoilt for choice. If you are keen to explore these garbled remains, try the following sites, which are more accessible in Jeddah.

First and foremost is the Cable Wreck. The ship was originally named The Staphonos. It sunk in 1978 while carrying with it construction materials consisting of steel beams, cable, chain link fence and asbestos sheets, hence, giving it the name of Cable Wreck.

Cable wreck in jeddah

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Although it rests 79 feet below the surface of the water, it still has sufficient light from above to naturally illuminate the wreck without having to explore with artificial lights.

You will find hundreds of fish taking shelter in the bow of the ship, between mooring ropes, scattered cargo pipes and cables.

On peaceful days, this wreck is easily accessible to divers of all experience levels, but when the current is strong, it becomes a very advanced dive.

Then comes the exciting shipwreck, the Ann Ann Wreck, which is 2 hours from Jeddah on the 26-Mile-Reef. It is the biggest and most challenging wreckage and therefore suitable for intermediate to advance divers.

Ann Ann Wreck in jeddah

The wreck stands upright facing East with its bow firmly ploughed into the reef and is spectacular to visit with its huge rudder draped with shellfish and massive propeller decorated with soft coral. The wreck sits at the bottom at a depth of 30m. You may see blue-stripes snappers, blue spotted stingrays, dogtooth tunas and, occasionally, white-tip sharks around this wreck.

Shellfishes in Red Sea

The backside of this wreck full of goatfish, broom-tailed filefish, coral groupers and the territorial Sohal surgeonfish. Despite its obvious size, the wreck is badly broken and only fit for experienced divers.

The Chicken shipwreck, which is named aptly so its cargo of frozen chicken is one of the most popular diving spots near Jeddah.

This wreck is appropriate for rookie divers and being crammed between adjacent reefs, the current remains calm all year round. The deepest point of this dive site is 72 feet from the surface. The rail of the ship is not damaged but just decorated with hard coral.

Chicken wreck in Jeddah

The Marble shipwreck, named so due to its marble cargo, is a shallow water wreck, which is also suitable for rookie divers. The Red Sea has had an overwhelming effect on this wreck as it is quite literally ripping it apart. Sections have entirely collapsed scattering marble everywhere.

Marble wreck in Jeddah

You may find lionfish guarding the end, which is close to a ladder which has been decked with coral. If you pay attention to the masts, you will see that they are often bejewelled with oysters and acropora coral.

Corals in Jeddah

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