Gurfati Joining Forces with Step Conference 2017

About Step Conference

STEP Conference 2017 will be held on the 5th and 6th of April, and we plan on making an impact in the startup industry. It is the largest interactive gathering in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region which happens annually in Dubai. It brings together more than 10,000 attendees to learn all about the latest trends in technology, digital, music and entertainment industries.

People from all over the world, coming from a variety of industries, come together to attend, speak, and even invest through this forum. Over 400 startups from all around the world, all industries, and all funding stages will be showcasing their products & services at STEP Startup Basecamp.

Step Dubai

Startups will also be registered for STEP Pitch Competition. A competition that will happen over the 2 days with various startups, including Gurfati, pitching their company or startup idea to a panel of judges including industry experts and investors.

STEP is a brilliant initiative that begun in 2013 and its created waves since. Startup founders are given the opportunity to get in touch with, mentors, investors and potential customers altogether at a single place in exclusive one on one sessions with each one. Learn more about Step Conference 2017 here.

This year Gurfati has also selected as one of the startup companies to present itself at STEP to experts and investors. Partners of this event include Pepsi and Facebook, which in their own rights have created ripples across the tech industry.

Gurfati is a new yet steadily growing company which came to life to fill a huge gap in the online booking industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About Gurfati

The word “Gurfati” is Arabic and it literally translates into “My Room;” it has launched in Saudi Arabia with one goal, and that is to make thousands of furnished apartments accessible to travellers with instant booking and exceptional customer service.

Furnished apartments in Saudi Arabia are a comfortable way to stay in a homely environment while traveling through the cities of the Kingdom. The complexes are safe and reliable; facilities vary from one apartment compound to another; children are at ease as it feels like you’re experiencing the true Arab lifestyle through these apartments.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an exceptional variety in its traditional heritage, which varies from one state to the other, each relating to the early social life of its locals which were once a part of the area. If you want to truly live the experience and indulge in it to a great extent, then you need to visit the various local tourist sites spread all over the country.

The condos, villas, apartments and a variety of other properties which will be at your fingertips through Gurfati, not only bring you exactly what you have asked or enquired about, tailored to your requirements but also puts you in the heart of the city so you can enjoy, travel and discover the exquisite culture of Saudi Arabia.

What makes Gurfati unique is that it will be bringing you all possible choices of affordable accommodation in either furnished apartments or chalets and condos, to you, across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gurfati will not be posting old property photos, instead we go to the apartments ourselves and take pictures ourselves. Hence, rest assured that if you find something on Gurfati, it will be new and up-to-date! That’s a promise.



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