Students of Saudi Arabia Experience the Longest Summer Vacation

In 2017, the academic year which begins from 2016 and goes on till 2017, the summer break for Saudi Arabian students has started from 25th of May and will last till the 10th of September. This will mean that the summer vacation for students throughout the Kingdom will be for 110 days, meaning, 3 Months and a half.

Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had welcomed news that their exams were set to be held before Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, which had fallen in the hottest months these years.

A royal decree was issued by the Saudi King Salman to reschedule exams at all levels prior to Ramadan, which was to start at the end of May.

king salman

The decree was applauded by teachers, students and parents as many were concerned about fasting during the hot days.

The royal decree regarding the rescheduling exams before Ramadan was a big consideration and kind from King Salman and it will definitely help students to study for their exams as many students had known to have difficulties studying during Ramadan while fasting.

As per the royal decree, the summer vacation is expected to be about three months and 20 days this year given that exams would conclude before Ramadan and students returning to school after the Hajj season ends, making it the longest vacation for teachers and students in recent years.

Ramadan ended and so did the festivities of Eid Ul Fitr that follow after. Soon enough, students will be bored at home.

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