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دليلك لرحلة في منطقة السروات في فصل الشتاء

قد لا تفكون في "الشتاء" أو حتى "الثلوج" في المملكة العربية السعودية. تعتبر معظم الرحلات مغامرة خطرة إذا كنتم غير مستعدين بشكل صحيح أو لستم من ذوي الخبرة الكافية. لذلك، يجب الاستعداد جيداً ومرافقة شخص لديه تجربة سابقة لمساعدتك والأخذ اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

Preparing For Winter In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

It is true that you wouldn’t think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when one thinks of winter and snow, however, Saudi Arabia does have both. The Kingdom has a variety of malls and shopping places such as flea markets اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

فوهة الوعبة بالطائف ، أضخم بركان في السعودية

فوهة الوعبة هي حفرة بركانية، تبعد 250 كيلومترا عن الطائف. الجزء السفلي من الحفرة مغطى ببلورات فوسفات الصوديوم البيضاء. مكان رائع لمحبي الاستكشاف والغامرة والمشي لمسافات طويلة. اليك أفضل الأماكن والطرق للتنزه داخل المملكة العربية السعودية. كان يعتقد منذ فترة اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

GITEX Future Stars 2017 – Gurfati – Furnished Apartments In The Kingdom

GITEX is an annual consumer trade show, which focuses solely on computer and electronics. Even the name stands for “Gulf Information Technology Exhibition” and it takes place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre. اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

Malls In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia – Everything You Could Ever Want

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for many things and most of all, it is known for the lavish and extravagant lifestyle of Saudis. To accommodate this growing lifestyle, contractors have built amazingly enormous shopping plazas for the people اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
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Saudi Arabian National Day – Celebration of the Unification

The Saudi people are proud and extravagant when it comes to celebrating their national or religious events. Only three events are given this much recognition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the other two are significant all over the world اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
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The History Of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Unification And After

In the early 18th century, the Arabian Peninsula was encased with a disorder, political instability, and fragile religious faith because of the spread of falsehoods, distortions and myths. Historians have described the political and social situation in the Peninsula in اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
eid al adha

The Islamic Pilgrimage – Customs Of Hajj And Eid Al Adha

The Islamic Pilgrimage refers to Hajj which is performed by Muslims annually in Mecca, which is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A variety of customs are to be followed to fulfil the ritual of the Islamic Pilgrimage and they اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

The Islamic Pilgrimage – History Of Hajj From Hundreds Of Years Ago

The Islamic pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, brings an estimated 2.5 million visitors every single year. Such an enormous gathering makes it the largest yearly congregation of people in the world. The 2017 pilgrimage اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

Day Of Arafat – Forgiveness And Sacrifice In The Month Of Dhul Hijjah

In Islam, some days are considered are more important than the rest, one of such days is the Day of Arafat. It falls on the lunar Islamic calendar on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah, which is the last month of اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More