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Traditional Cuisine of Jeddah in the holy month of Ramadan

Jeddah is a stunning city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a variety of nationalities in its borders, which results in Jeddah having a very rich history, diversity in its cuisine and an interesting culture. A mixture of ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة

Local Souqs – Eastern Province And The Anticipation For Eid Ul Fitr

As the first ten days of the holy month of Ramadan have ended, people have begun to focus more on Eid Ul Fitr which is a celebration throughout the Muslim world that marks the end of Ramadan. The Kingdom of ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة

Markets, Dates, and More – In Riyadh and Jeddah

With the holy month of Ramadan going on right now, the Central Vegetable Market on Umm Al-Qura Street is witnessing a flood in business, especially with customers coming to pick up the wide varieties of dates that are offered there. ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة
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Three Things To Experience When Travelling To Riyadh

Riyadh, capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a booming and fast growing city with great urban developments in progress. Both a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city, Riyadh is the capital of Riyadh Province and cater great ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة
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Beginning of Ramadan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a stunning country with tourist sights of all varieties. It also has an array of malls and historical places, but it has become most prominent in history for being the birthplace of Islam, which ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة
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5 Reasons To Choose Furnished Properties Over Hotels

Gurfati specialises in bringing you the best and most luxurious furnished properties available in the beautiful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can book furnished apartments in advance or instantly, on-the-go. Most common questions range from “why is it better to ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة
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Book A Furnished Apartment in Riyadh To Spend Spring Vacations

The Saudi Arabian culture holds it as customary to embody the symbolism of it through handicrafts and costumes, along with ethnic dishes. Traditional stories are also a key element in the enchanting tourism experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ...المزيد عن هذه الشقة المفروشة