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Solar Eclipse

الكسوف الكلي للشمس ٢٠١٧ – أول كسوف كلي للشمس منذ 99 عاماً

تعتبر ظاهرة كسوف الشمس من الظواهر المثيرة للاهتمام والتي تحدث جزئياً كل عام أو كل بضعة أشهر، ومع ذلك، كسوف الشمس الكامل والكلي من الأمور النادرة الحدوث. كسوف الشمس هو حدث فلكي يمكن رؤيته من كوكب الأرض، ولكن يعتمد ذلك اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
international youth day

Celebrating International Youth Day And Being Part of The Change

The International Youth Day this year has been dedicated to celebrating the youth’s contributions to prevent conflicts and transformation as well as their inclusion in social justice, and sustainable peace. In the year 1985, the United Nations celebrated its first اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

World Hepatitis Day – Eliminate Hepatitis And Raise Awareness

The World Hepatitis Alliance first launched World Hepatitis Day in 2008. Following on, the UN declared official acknowledgement of this occasion in 2010. The World Hepatitis Alliance, which is also known as WHA, is a patient-led and patient driven non-governmental اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
Dammam aerial view

Ten Things To Do When Travelling To The City Of Dammam

The big cities of Saudi Arabia are always full of surprises and attractions. The capital of Eastern Province is no different as it’s one of the most interesting places. Dammam, the capital of the breathtaking Eastern Province several landmarks and اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

العادات والتقاليد السعودية

تعتبر المملكة العربية السعودية غنية ثقافياً حيث أن لها بعض العادات تعود الى قرون. وبالرغم من أن بعض العادات أصبحت قابلة للتغيير والتطوير، الى ان التمسك بأصالة التقاليد القديمة مهم حفاظاً على الجذور العربية أصبحت المملكة العربية السعودية اليوم متطورة اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More
Furnished apartments in Abha

5 Remarkable & Incredible Furnished Apartments in Abha

Abha is a gorgeous place in the state of Aseer; its green mountains, stretching plains, and colourful buildings pay tribute to its heritage. All these things make this city a delightful and scenic destination. The villages in Abha is the اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More

The Best Place To Celebrate Saudi Culture in Riyadh

Riyadh is the heart of the gorgeous Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as its capital. The lights of the night are almost breathtaking, especially with the Kingdom Centre standing tall and bright for everyone to see. The liveliest festival which happens اقرأ المزيد هنا / Read More