The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 – First Solar Eclipse In 99 Years

A solar eclipse is an interesting phenomenon that occurs partially every year or every few months, however, a full and total solar eclipse is somewhat rare in itself as well.

An eclipse is an astronomical event that can be seen from our planet, but it depends on where you live as eclipses can be seen from certain places as it’s subject to the position of celestial objects.

From Earth, a solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of our sun. To know which type of solar eclipse is which is completely dependent on the distance of the moon from the Earth during such event. A total solar eclipse happens when our Earth intersects the umbra portion of the moon’s shadow.

Solar Eclipse

It has been reported by The Guardian that this particular solar eclipse will be the first in 99 years to be experienced in the United States of America.

This cosmic singularity has scientists buzzing with excitement as the total eclipse will be seen and can be observed and studied for almost 3 minutes in some areas of the country, whereas in some it will be a little over 2 minutes only. The whole event would take up to an hour and a half in entirety,

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA has placed a counter on a site in anticipation of this occurrence.

The solar eclipse could be seen partially in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, even in Morocco and some parts of Russia, however, the totality of the eclipse will stretch from Salem in Oregon to Charleston in South Carolina, from one end of the United States of America to the other.

solar eclipse Most of the time, the best viewing of such eclipse happens in the middle of the ocean however, this time, United States is right at the centre of the bullseye. This will be the first total solar eclipse in a span of 99 years to cross coast-to-coast, but the first to pass through any part of the lower 48 states in 38 years.

The magnitude of the eclipse is the fraction of the Sun’s diameter that is covered by the Moon. For a total eclipse, this value is always greater than or equal to one. In both annular and total eclipses, the eclipse magnitude is the ratio of the angular sizes of the Moon to the Sun.

As it is a rare occurrence, the following are the safety guidelines one must follow to enjoy the eclipse.

The total solar eclipse is safe to look at when it’s at the peak as it’s only as bright as the moon at most. However, it’s very dangerous to look at the eclipse when the moon is moving in front of the sun and after it’s moving out of the way as te sun’s UV rays can be harmful to your eyes.

solar eclipse

The filters that you wear during the eclipse must be from a reputable filter company that is suited and equipped in protecting your eyes from the rays. You must wear the filters above your eyeglasses if you’re prescribed those.

It is strongly advised against to look at the eclipse through any electronic device, such as a phone, a camera or even a telescope or any other optical tool, without the filters on your eyes.

You can only remove the filters if you’re in the path of totality and even that if the moon has completely covered the sun.

You must also make sure that the filters that you’re using aren’t damaged in any way or sort, which would include them being scratched, torn or broken or cracked.

A time chart is present below to show as to what are the timings of this eclipse so you may enjoy it in its full capacity. You can even visit the NASA website to see the interactive map and see where you fall on the eclipse! In almost a century, the United States of America will experience a coast to coast solar eclipse in its totality, many can easily travel cross country to see this marvel.

solar eclipse

Come together with your friends and family by making a road trip out of the spectacular celestial event.



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