Traditional Cuisine of Jeddah in the holy month of Ramadan

Jeddah is a stunning city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a variety of nationalities in its borders, which results in Jeddah having a very rich history, diversity in its cuisine and an interesting culture.

A mixture of different cuisines and cultures make street food from the Kingdom stand out in Jeddah particularly. In the month of Ramadan, the sunset meals, which are also known as Iftaar almost becomes the same as the street-food of Jeddah.

The following are the much loved and extremely delicious foods and cuisines which are found on the streets and in the homes of those who live in Jeddah.

Yughmish is a leavened bread that is filled with the juiciest of meats is one of the most delicious way to indulge in the street food. It isn’t harsh on your stomach, rather serves as a quick snack to have. It’s filling and tasty at the same time, the zesty yughmish is one of those snacks that you just can’t say no to!


Mutabaq is a mouth-watering and popular dish is believed to be of Yemeni origin, but it has become one of the most popular appetizers in Jeddah. This stuffed version of the pancake can be easily found throughout the country. It’s made from thin pastry layers wrapped and folded around a mixture of mincemeat, eggs, parsley, tomatoes, onions, and a bit of jalapeño pepper. Your first bite of the Mutabaq will be a burst of myriad of flavors in your mouth.

Luqaimat are doughnut-like dumplings, which are one of the tastiest sweet dish that you’ll come across. Crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside, the sugary treat is what we instinctively turn to when we need a sugary fix. This snack is a Ramadan favorite.


Sobia are also a Ramadan favorite; this thirst quenching drink is exactly what you will need after a day of fasting. The drink comes in many flavors and each flavor has a different color which makes the sobia stall look all the more colorful and appealing. This sweet drink is one of the things we miss about Ramadan.


Mantu are the tiny tantalizing treasures are a form of dumplings that typically consist of a tangy meat mixture. Although originally central Asian, it has been customized and adjusted to the Saudi palate with a combination of local herbs used in making the meat mixture.


Samboosas are every Arabian household’s evening snack. It comes in scores of appetizing fillings from cheese and veggies to even minced meat.

Baleela are one of the easiest snacks in this list to rustle up when in a hurry. Made up of boiled chickpeas and mixed in garlic with a pinch of salt. This hot and spicy street food is what many consider comfort food across the country. It’s the crunch and softness from the chickpeas that account for a milieu of happy memories.

Manaeesh is the Arabian version of the pizza and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in the country. Though it is of Levantine origin it has integrated well into Saudi culture. Thyme, strained yogurt and minced lamb are toppings that you have to try. You can even combine them all in one!


Jeddah is a magnificent city which is known for its different culture and cuisine, spectacular beaches and local souqs that embody the traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Experience the beauty of

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