A Basic Guide To Trekking In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has exquisitely varied landscapes. It ranges from mountain peaks to enormous oasis, escarpments, gorgeous caves, stunning seas, deserts, canyons, plateaus and even breathtaking coastlines. It’s unexplored deserts and caves provide trekking enthusiasts various chances at being the first to discover its hidden wonders. This article will serve as an ultimate guide if you’ve planned for trekking in Saudi Arabia.

al qarah mountain

The landscape is flexible for trekking in Saudi Arabia. You can easily plan from simple one-day treks to long adventurous treks through the beautiful terrains of the kingdom. There are glorious sights and locations that only a trekker can come across in the kingdom due to the inaccessibility otherwise.

Some villages cling to cliff sides, or are nestled away in remote valleys; ancient rock carvings in the desert are a few of these highlights. Along with your treks, you may enjoy sights of ancient villages, forts, watchtowers and other remnants of the glorious history of Saudi Arabia.

Khyber fort saudi arabia

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Explore Saudi Arabia Like  A Pro

By trekking in Saudi Arabia, you get involved in the country’s history, culture and nature in a way you could never be if you’re travelling by car, bus, train or aeroplane.

You can truly enjoy the friendliness of people, their unwavering hospitality, and breathe fresh under the sun with no disturbances and be at peace with yourself.

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Keep in mind the following things when you go trekking in the deserts of the Kingdom as the air is dry and the sun is unforgiving.

trekking in saudi arabia

Food For Trekking in Saudi Arabia

Having balanced food is an important factor for a prosperous trek. Proper trekking food should be delicious, nutritious, rich, easy to carry, easy to cook and also, cheap. It is often all about weight and energy.

Fruits and fresh food are wonderful for shorter treks as they’re not always the best thing to carry due to the fact that it may decay soon during longer treks.

Foods like chocolates, peanuts, cookies and granola bars as snacks are perfect because they are lightweight, high in calories, and easy to store as well.

trekking food

Trekking Equipment

Having the proper clothing while trekking is also equally important. If you don’t wear according to the weather, your trek may be cut shorter because of being improperly dressed.

It’s also very important to have a sturdy backpack, in it, you need to have essentials such as the above-mentioned food items, sleeping bags if you decide to camp out and lots of water as well.

In today’s day and age where you’re always connected to the world by being just a click away, make sure that you keep charging banks with you as well; in cases of emergency, they can be used to help you navigate your way or contact emergency services.

If you’re planning of trekking for longer than just a day, remember to keep cooking utensils, such as bowls, frying pan, plates, glass, big and small spoons, and knives.

For nighttime trekking and camping, tents and flashlights should be at the top of your list, along with extra batteries and kerosene to light the fire for when the sun goes down as Arabian deserts do get quite cold at night.

Saftey First

Always, always keep first Aid kits that have pain killers, adhesive dressing/plasters, antiseptic sprays, diarrhoea tablets, along with any medication you normally use as well.

first aid kit

Keeping the environment clean is essential, so carry paper to plastic bags to dispose of your waste in a proper manner.

Before planning for a desert trek, make sure the time is impeccable. Check the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia before setting out. Desert trekking in hot weather can exhaust you.

The temperature in a desert could be less when night comes, depending on the weather; calculate in advance what could be the temperature out there.

If you are planning for long hikes, you have to make sure that you are only carrying necessary luggage, which is also lightweight. A heavy backpack will affect the pace of your hike and makes it less comfortable.

Scorpions and snakes are to be taken care of deserts of in Saudi Arabia. Both are equally poisonous, however, not all are. During early summer treks, scorpions may find your tents the right place for them; hence, once the tent is raised, make sure its inside is closely checked and zip the door properly if it has one.

buffalo tent

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