The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Taif a.k.a City of Roses

Taif, or the City of Roses as it is called. It has been named so because you can smell the fragrance of roses from neighbouring orchards. This region is famous for its fresh air, picturesque beauty and variety of fruits that attract tourists from not just rest of the Arabian Peninsula but also from all over the world.

Taif Saudi Arabia

If you wish to enjoy a beautiful short holiday, or to spend a memorable weekend in this gorgeous city, visiting Taif’s historical wall should be on your list. This wall paints a picture of what civilisation used to be eons ago.

Taif historical wall

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It’s the place where you’ll surely appreciate the ancient architecture of Taif. Travel through time, and visit the various museums in this region which are full of rich heritage and culture, along with the true history of Taif.

If you wish take in the beauty that Taif has to offer, pick an adventure and fly by cable car above towering mountains to feast your eyes on stunning greenery around and below you.

Perfumed by roses from the nearby plantations, it is forever fragrant of flowers.  You can find a gorgeous furnished apartment in Taif and spend a lovely vacation here with Jeddah only an hour away, you can experience the village life and the hustle bustle of a metropolitan city.

Taif is famous for producing roses and it is well-known for producing ‘Eau de parfum’ the Rose Water and the Arabian Oud, which is famous all over the world for its strong and long lasting fragrance.

Flowers in Taif

The production of Taif Roses dates back to more than a hundred years old. It has about 700 farms distributed in the region.

Taif’s famous rose is an oil-rich 30-petal damask rose whose perfume of Arabia is robust, spicy, and dizzyingly complex. This species had been transplanted by the Ottoman Turks who conquered the area in the beginning of the 16th century CE.

Taif roses

Since then it has been cultivated in Taif and processed into precious attar of roses and its popular and even older, counterpart, rose water.

Learn more about the legendary Taif Rose, and get a whiff of the fabled perfume of the roses that are grown in this region.

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