The Various Seasons Which Can Be Experienced In The City Of Riyadh

The stunningly gorgeous Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been synonymous at times with being a collection of cities in the desert. No doubt, Saudi Arabia has its deserts, however, it’s also blessed with splendid beaches, mountainous regions, valleys and historical sites, altogether.

The beautiful Kingdom not only has harsh summers but has also seen monsoon months along with snow.

It is assumed that the weather in Riyadh would be hot and dry all year round without much variation. However, Riyadh’s temperatures to dip below zero degrees Celsius a few nights every winter.

The seasons written below are more common to Riyadh as opposed to Jeddah, or the Eastern province because coastal cities are usually humid throughout the year.

There may be heavy showers or occasional light rain but typically they don’t last more than a few days at a time. When it gets cold in the dry desert climate, it will feel much colder than what it would feel like in more humid climates.

The cold wind seems to infiltrate your skin and touch your bones.

Sometimes rain pours down for days, making temporary lakes and streams in the desert. Flash floods can occur at times as well and are life threatening if you’re caught in one. Believe it or not, there are dams in the desert to help control such water masses.

Jeddah is notorious for serious flooding whenever the rainy season begins. The streets aren’t designed to handle the masses of water and this coastal city of Saudi Arabia becomes Middle-East’s Venice during monsoon season.

A great time to visit the desert is when the flowers are blooming with the green scenery after the rains, and also visit the wonderful spring festival in the city. The cold weather usually starts late November and lasts until February.

The worst time of the year to be in Saudi Arabia, especially the cities surrounded by the desert is during sandstorm season. It starts around February or March lasting until May or even June sometimes.

An unusual weather singularity exists only through living in Saudi Arabia, is that sandstorms sometimes pair up with thunderstorms. When this occurs the weather is characteristically very windy, blowing the dust around high up into the sky which can trigger clouds to rain or even hail, followed by lightning and thunder.

The most bizarre part about this combination is how the rain actually becomes mixed with the dust in the air, causing in mud falling down from the skies. This type of rain covers everything it lands on with a thick layer of mud.

From May until October the temperature doesn’t drop and stays very warm throughout. This season is when most people want to leave the country. The dry heat might rise up to 50 degrees Celsius in sometimes and the nights don’t usually bring much relief to the scorching heat.

During the Saudi “autumn” the weather is absolutely picture perfect from October to mid-December.

The skies are clear with no sandstorms in sight, or dust blowing; the temperatures hover at comfortably warm.

This time of the year also has the most beautiful sunsets.

Though Saudi Arabia is thought of as a barren desert with nothing to do, you may be surprised as how much this beautiful country has to offer.

Riyadh is full of spectacles which you should witness for yourself as well.

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