Wahbah Crater – Volcanos, Vegetation And Tourism of Taif

The Al Wahbah crater is a volcanic crater, which is almost 250 kilometres away from Taif. The bottom of the crater is covered with white sodium phosphate crystals. It a sight to see and explore. Hiking there and through it is sure to be an adventure.

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It was believed for a long time that the crater was designed by a meteorite, as its appearance resembles that of the Barringer Crater in the USA, with its circular form and high sides.

Barringer crater

However, it is now commonly acknowledged by geologists that the crater is a maar crater, which is formed by volcanic activity in the form of an underground eruption and when a massive steam explosion is generated by molten magma coming into contact with water.

The nights around the crater are starry and bright in the open desert, a rare sight often eclipsed by the dazzling lights of the cities of Saudi Arabia.

Al Wahbah Crater is over 800 feet deep and 2 kilometres in diameter. It is so deep that if you throw a stone from the top, you will hear it hit the ground after 6 seconds.

wahbah crater

It is a protected site under the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development, also known as NCWCD, who is responsible for developing and implementing plans to preserve wildlife in Saudi Arabia.

Climbing a crater is almost like landing on the moon or reaching the peak of Mount Everest. The descent is fairly fast and you may reach the bottom within half an hour, however, coming back up may be a hassle because of the slippery rocks and crystals. Even with proper equipment, it may take you almost two hours to climb back up.

The NCWCD has ensured that there is only one route to follow and that it remains hassle free so there is no need for a guide to assist you. Steps have been cut out of the rock to facilitate the walk. There is no mobile signal there, which isn’t as surprising.

The crater is also surrounded by lava rock, dead branches and bushes, they may emit some latent heat stemming from the bowels of the crater.

wahbah crater

Some bloggers and visitors claim that they have seen snakes in the field but it isn’t common. After walking for a kilometre around the crater, you may get to see the pale grass where you can plan to rest for a while.

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