World Food Day – Food Security And Rural Development

World Food Day comes about every year on the 16th of October. It was first established by the United Nations in the year 1981 and the first theme it ever adopted was “Food Comes First.”

world food day

Since the year 1981, World Food Day has adopted various themes each year so that they are able to highlight specific areas which have a need for action so that those areas can be provided with a common focus.

Most of the themes have revolved around agriculture because only investment in agriculture, along with the support of health and the education sector, can and will turn this situation around. A huge chunk of that investment will have to come from the private sector along with public investment playing a vital role in this situation, especially in view of facilitating and stimulating the effect through private investment.

world food day

In spite of how much importance agriculture holds as it is the driving force of the economies in many developing countries. However, this crucial sector is often starved of the much-needed investment.

In particular, foreign aid to agriculture has shown to decline over the past 20 years or so.

That is why the World Food Day is an occasion that is marked on their national calendars in more than a hundred fifty countries. This day is celebrated widely by many other establishments which are concerned with food security, such as the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

In the year 2017, the theme for World Food Day is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.”

world food day

The Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization will be joined by Pope Francis and Ministers of Agriculture attending the Group of Seven (G7) meetings for the official ceremony on 16th of October in 2017 at the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Headquarters.

A message from the Pope will be conveyed during the World Food Day ceremony and for the first time ever, the Pope will attend in person and call on the international community to revolutionize the future of immigration.

The attendance of the Ministers of Agriculture will be an authentication to the significant link between food security, rural development and immigration on the political agenda.

Other special guests will include EU Commissioner Phil Hogan and the Heads of International Fund for Agricultural Development and World Food Programme.

Get involved and speak about the struggles of the international food crisis by using the hashtags, “#WFD2017” and “#migration.”

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